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Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer is a disease that does not need to tell the horrors because there will be very few people who have not seen any relatives related to this disease. This disease is also not taken overnight and there are some symptoms associated with it, with the help of which you can check the disease. In online mail, Lizzy Perry says that there are at least ten such deadly symptoms on which you can know today that you too will not be in the grip of this deadly disease.

It is worth noting that long periods of coughing, wounds which do not fade, there is a wart whose color has changed and there are many such intestines that warn of cancer. 
Your weight has begun, there is trouble in swallowing food, no lapses have happened, no pain is going on for a long time, bleeding is due to unnecessary reason and it is difficult to stop urination. Understand that there is something really wrong.

A UK-based cancer research study found that many people suffering from the symptoms of this disease did not go to doctors because they were unheard of in their eyes. 
If you have a frequent cough then it can be a sign of lung cancer. 
Constipation of a cough wound that is not filled, lack of weight due to unnecessary and urinary problems may seem inauspicious but these symptoms can be fatal.

A UK study says that one in every two born in the 1960s can be cancerous at any given time in life. But as the danger of this disease is increasing, it can be said that two-thirds of today's children can be treated for this disease.

Cancer treatment can be saved if the disease starts early treatment (Cancer Symptoms).
Experts say that if you or any member of your family ignores these mentioned symptoms then this can have fatal consequences. They say that a persistent cough or persistence in the throat can be a sign of lung cancer.

Changes in the size and color of anybody may be an indication that you are suffering from skin cancer. If there is no wound of the mouth, then you may have mouth cancer. There is a bad sign in the functioning of your intestines that you may be suffering from intestinal cancer.
If you have difficulty in swallowing the food then this can be an indication that you may have cancer of the canal.

If your weight decreases then it may be reported to many types of cancer. Similarly, bladder disturbances can mean the cancer of the bladder or the sign of prostate cancer. If a lump is formed then it can also be a sign of many kinds of diseases. 
If there is persistent pain for no reason, then it is also a sign of the arrival of many types of cancer. If there is untreated bleeding from the body, it can mean the symptoms of intestinal, uterus or vaginal cancer.

Cancer Symptoms

What is the probability of defense?

If you have been treated for breast cancer than 96 percent of women live for at least one more year. 87 percent of women for five years and 78 percent of women can survive for a decade.

If you are suffering from skin cancer than 88 percent of the men can survive for five years or more. But women can live longer and 92 percent of women can survive for at least five years.

Only 8 percent of men survive for five years or more in lung cancer, while 12 percent of women live for so long.

About 85% of prostate cancer patients can survive for the next five years or more.

While 59% of men survive for five or more years of intestinal cancer, this figure is 58% for women.

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