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The Facts About Cancer

The facts about cancer



Cancer is a panic disease spreading in the world, or cancer, which makes people very scared. Let me tell you there are a few things about cancer that we need to know so that we can help ourselves and anyone else.

What is cancer?
Generally, cancer cells or cancer cells are all in our bodies. All the cells in our body are formed continuously and end, but only a sudden progression of any cell is progressively uncontrolled and the formation of a tumor is only cancer. It is also called carcinoma, neoplasm, and malignancy.

 100 types of cancers

Types of cancers

Types of cancers

100 types of cancers are about 100 types of cancers, and all of them have different symptoms. On cancer in one organ, it also spreads to other parts, but not all tumors are cancerous. In such a way the information is safe.

What are its symptoms

Abnormal tumor

1.       Bleeding
2.       Weight incident (without cause)
3.       Loss of appetite
4.       Fatigue
5.       Night Sweats
6.       Lack of blood (anemia)
7.       Coughing
8.       Bone pain
9.       To swallow
10.   Mouth and sore throat
11.   Problems in urine, blood loss
12.   Sore throat

These may be possible reasons
1.       Due to tobacco or pan masala
2.       Due to alcohol
3.       Reason for not working
4.       Reasons for Hepatitis B and C
5.       Genetic reasons
6.       Reasons for any type of infection
7.       Due to any drug
8.       Due to the modern lifestyle
9.       On the basis of the stage, it is
The grades are determined by how tumor cells differ from normal cells.

The grades of cancer are of the following types
1.       Grade 1- In this, the cancer cell resembles the normal cell, and it grows gradually.
2.       Grade 2- It is similar to Normal Cell, but it grows very rapidly.
3.       Grade 3 ... cancer cells grow very fast and look abnormal.

The special features of women that do not ignore
Any change in the breast. Nipple ink and turn or any type of discharge from nipple Any type of bundle or scar Fatigue, bleeding, weight loss without any reason. Pain. Changes in lymph nodes

Things to know
1.       In a person's life, cancer cells are formed at least six times in the body.
2.       When the body's immune system is strong then the cancer cells are eliminated.
3.       There are many shortcomings in the body as soon as cancer develops, whether it is genetic or due to food-related or environment related or lifestyle, due to which a good diet is necessary to emerge.
4.       Chemotherapy at the time of diagnosis is actually the process of rapidly growing these cells with poisonous substances, which at the same time also destroys healthy cells of the body.
5.       This treatment causes lever; kidney; heart; Lungs and other organs are highly susceptible to damage.
6.       Cancer cells get strength from cancer cells. Therefore, by using less sugar in general, we can prevent cancer cells from growing.
7.       The sugar substitutes of sugar are even more harmful, in such a small quantity of honey can be used if needed more.
8.       Milk can also prove harmful. Mucus cancer cells are made from this. Instead, we can use soy milk.
9.       Non-vegetarian food also helps to grow cancer cells as fast as they contain acids that quickly create the environment of multiplying these cells.
10.   green vegetables; Some fruits; Hole grain; seed; Nuts and Juices give strength to the body. To increase the enzymase, it is beneficial to drink the juice of 2 to 3 times a day for fresh vegetables or eat them raw.
11.   Green tea is a great walp.

12.   Increasing the amount of oxygen in the body does not give the environment to develop cancer cells; Eilcie exercises regularly; Take a walk in the fresh air in the morning and make yourself a positive one.

13.   Conquering with this disease is not a very difficult task, just keep your life alive.

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